All About Hair Porosity and Glycerin

Hair porosity. It’s one of the hardest things about your hair to nail down, but there are many who believe the products and styling techniques that will work for you are more related to how porous your hair is than to your curl pattern.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on porosity. I’ll send you over to Science-y Hair Blog if you don’t yet know yours and what it means for you. I was, however, curious whether or not there were correlations between hair properties like porosity and product ingredients we wavies like or dislike.

I conducted a survey among the members of the Wavy Hair Community on Facebook and the Type 2 forum on Naturally Curly. I asked a lot of questions about hair properties, weather, and ingredients. I would be happy to share all of the results with anyone who’d like to see them, but for the sake of this post I decided to narrow things down to porosity and glycerin.

Here’s what I found.

The truth about hair porosity and glycerin

Do these findings jive with your experience? Let me know in the comments!

[Image Credit: Sara Lando]

I’m Gonna Make an Infographic!

Hi all!

I’m going to make my very first ever infographic soon, and I’m pretty excited. I hope to find some correlations between hair types and product ingredients that will help cut down on all the trial and error we curlies and wavies go through and save us all some moolah!

The survey is aimed mainly at type 2, wavy hair. I just wanted to keep things as simple as possible. So if you have a few minutes, would you mind answering a few questions about your hair?

Image credit: Pezibear



How to Style Naturally Wavy Hair

Today I’m sharing my hair routine for my loose, 2A wavy hair. Loose waves like mine are difficult to style and there aren’t a lot of bloggers and YouTubers with that hair type sharing their information. I tried so many things that didn’t work, but I finally have a routine that works well for me.

I’d like to spread the love and share it with all of the wavies out there who might have a similar hair type. Watch to see how I apply my hair products to get the most out of my 2A wavy hair.