About the Blog

my poofy hairThis is my hair, combed, product-free, and left to air-dry.

So you can see why hair so often occupies my thoughts. It is not, at least in this decade, socially acceptable to leave the house looking like a Pomeranian. I think I’ve tried just about everything to tame it: flat ironing, twisting, braiding, you name it. But it wasn’t until I discovered NaturallyCurly.com and the curly girl method that I started to actually appreciate my hair.

What I’ve discovered as I’ve combed the Internet for solutions is that there are lots of tutorials for curls, plenty for styling straight hair, but surprisingly little advice out there for in-between, wavy locks. Most articles in magazines say “scrunch in some mousse and you’re good to go!” I have a cousin who can do that. It’s infuriating. But it curbs my jealousy (a little) to know she and her perfect, hassle-free hair are not the norm.

I started All the Wave because I hope it can be a community where we can all share our trials, triumphs, and advice. I will share what I learn as I go, and I hope others will add to the conversation, as well.