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Why a PR Student Decided to Blog About Hair

A photo of my mom and me.

My mom and me

My mom, who was a hair stylist and very passionate about her work, began losing her sight when I was a kid. But my mom has never been the sort of person to give up something she loves just because it gets hard. She stubbornly refuses to understand the word “can’t.” She knows she can do anything, and she continued to cut, perm, and color hair even as she lost her sight completely.


Even though I was fairly young at this time, I became her assistant. I mixed color, cut bangs, cut the hair on the napes of women’s necks, and helped her clean the salon she had built in our basement. This is where my interest (some might say obsession) in hair comes from. But I learned about something else from her, too. I learned the power of hard work, tenacity, and, above all, tuning out the voices that tell you that you can’t.

Now I am a graduate student studying public relations. I didn’t major in journalism or PR as an undergraduate, but looking back I see that I have been studying communication for years. Public relations is my calling; it just took me a while to realize it. Before I ever started pursuing my degree I had amassed a large collection of books on writing, communication, layout and design, typography, readability, and the etymology of the English language (really, I have a book about that. And I’ve read it). The thread tying my interests together was the art and science of communicating well—public relations.

So, Why’d It Take Me So Long?

A photo of me jumping over a waterfall

I’ll admit I have a bit of wanderlust that led me off the beaten path before I settled down to pursue my career. I tend to seek out adventure. As an undergraduate,I studied abroad in Japan, and after I graduated I taught English there for over three years.

I don’t regret taking this detour. I learned to view the world from a different culture’s perspective. I learned about myself. I even learned some Japanese. And I rappelled down waterfalls three times and would totally do it again!